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MMDT7CXU3SFixed a problem where the last chat time was not recorded in a clean contact list correctly.
CSWN7WFHFRFixed a problem where the last chat statistics were not remembered.
JPAS837TW6Prior to this fix, tabbed chats were not minimized on incoming chats.
KKNT85CP7JFixed an uncaught exception when logging into Sametime, which caused a "Phonegrid registration" error.
CTAN82H5YTChanged Chat History to use Standard img src="./". The img src=".\" is non standard and will prevent images from loading on all...
JJHE84CCGSFixed a problem when the wildcard search for a user returned multiple matches, the first match that was returned was always used.
BLEE848QSFPrior to this fix, Sametime awareness was not displaying in the Mail and Calendar environment.
NXLE83PBKRPrior to this fix, the file transfer function stopped working when overwriting a document opened by MS office.
MWXU7WBCPLPrior to this fix, only 1 page of the chat transcript could be printed from the Chat history. This problem also happened when printing from the chat...
QBJZ7TZDLKFixed a problem where users were unable to cancel a file transfer while in sender side file transfer.
KSSH857PXSPrior to this fix, a message sent from the Administrator in the Sametime admin page was not brought to the front for end-users. It was displayed...
SLAE82STZAFixed a problem where Notes stole the focus when trying to use the Sametime screen capture tool.
TPAE7YDJ9GA new preferences flag has been provided to allow built in telephony ui additions to be removed from the sametime client. This feature is enabled by...
SLAE82STZAFixed a problem where Notes stole the focus when trying to use the Sametime screen capture tool.
VROI7K23VLProvided the ability to specify paths that are specific to user profiles on Windows OS. Customers can pre-configure the plugin_customization.ini by...
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